Grant Napear started off the show talking about the Kings and more specifically the players on the Kings consistently complaining about the calls that they think they don’t get from the refs. Grant also talked about Isaiah Thomas and the production he gives the team and doesn’t understand the knocks that people have against him, including the height criticism.

Later on Grant had NFL Network analyst Charles Davis on the show to talk about the recent news about Michael Sam coming out as gay and what it may or may not mean to the team that drafts him. Davis and Grant also talked about the upcoming NFL draft and who Davis thinks will be the best prospects from the draft.

Grant also had on Kavitha Davidson to talk about the 2014 Winter Olympics and who we should pay attention to as well as what events are the ones we need to watch.

Grant’s Rant talked about Bob Costas and his remarks about Russian president Vladimir Putin. Grant didn’t like how Costas used his platform to talk about Putin.

Finally Grant had on Fred McLeod, Cleveland Cavaliers play by play analyst on the show to talk about the Cavaliers team and what the year has been like for them as well as the future of the team.


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