LINDA (CBS13) — An elderly man’s kindness may have turned him in a victim and his home into a filthy drug den.

Four people are accused of living in the home they allegedly filled with heroin and filth.

NET-5 narcotics agents say they received information the home on Jay Street was being used as a heroin house.

Not only were there drugs and syringes everywhere inside the home, but there were thousands of cockroaches and other filth. A 13-year-old girl and a 79-year-old homeowner told officers the people there simply wouldn’t leave and had taken over the home.

“They basically controlled all of the house except for this one room where this gentleman was,” said NET-5 Commander Martin Horan. “He basically was trapped in that one room.”

Agents arrested four people, including Jeffrey and William Endicott.

From the driveway of the home, the faint smell of urine wafts out—one of the reasons building inspectors came out and deemed the home unsafe to live in.

Neighbors are grateful for the bust that comes at a time when heroin use is on the rise in the area.

“We’re seeing more and more,” Horan said. “It’s becoming surprising how much is coming up.”

Horan says the once antiquated drug is a cheap replacement for harder to get prescription pills.

“It’s inhumane for them to do something like that to that old man


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