ROSEVILLE  (CBS13) — A man was caught sneaking into a girls bathroom on a high school campus, then arrested minutes later trying to get into a middle school.

CBS13 started getting answers about this alleged incident after a parent wanted more information on how administrators at Oakmont High School and Eich Intermediate School handled the situation.

The Oakmont parent who didn’t want to be identified says she’s been uneasy, not just about the incident, but the response.

“Had he had a weapon, it could have been a devastating experience,” she said.

Officers say 21-year-old Luis Delgado came to the campus and was approached by staff who asked him to leave. He did.

But a watchful school monitor noticed him bike toward the back of campus.

“When his bike was found three to four minutes later, we called 911,” said Steve Williams with the Roseville Joint Union High School District.. “Shortly after that he was found in the bathroom where he tried to look at one of our girls who was in the stall.”

School monitors would attempt to detain Delgado, but he would run.

But just a little bit later, police would get a call from nearby Eich Intermediate School where Delgado was allegedly trying to get into a locked building. They would arrest him.

“The fact that they didn’t do an announcement of some sort, the fact they didn’t make it clear they were doing a lockdown,” the parent said.

She echoed concerns that during the search for Delgado, that a lockdown should have been in place.

“It was all happening so quickly that we were responding, and the 911 call went out and shortly after we were able to locate this person,” Williams said.

Despite the resolution, the district will evaluate its response.

“Some parents would think that this would be a situation for a lockdown,” he said. It certainly gives us an opportunity to sit down and say ‘What can we do better?’”


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