By Tony Lopez

Rumors are swirling that Mayor Kevin Johnson may be in line for a surprising position: Commissioner of Major League Baseball.

It’s a level that’s not too far-fetched. After all, before shining as a Phoenix Sun in the NBA, Johnson played baseball at Cal and was drafted by the Oakland Athletics.

The shortstop had a short stay before setting his sights on the NBA.

Former NBA Commissioner David Stern chimed in on the rumor saying Johnson “would absolutely be qualified for the commissioner’s job.”

Even though Johnson dodged the question on Tuesday night, we got a more specific answer after the State of the City address.

“It’s awesome when you get your name bounced or tossed around for baseball commissioner or the player’s association,” he said. “Those are great, but I have no intention. I love being mayor for this term and I’m strongly considering a third term.”

insiders say the appear to grab Johnson as commissioner has to do with his sports and executive backgrounds, and his ability to play hardball in his successful effort to keep the Sacramento Kings from leaving.

While Johnson says he wouldn’t bite on the offer if given, he was quoted in the Los Angeles Times as saying he’d listen to sports-related opportunities after he’s done being mayor.

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