SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento’s very own superhero is speaking out for the first time on his mission to fight crime.

Silvershield is his name, and he agreed to step out of the shadows of the night to talk briefly about his agenda.

“I just basically walk around a neighborhood watch,” he said. “I call or make a citizen’s arrest.”

FACEBOOK: Sacramento Real Life Superheroes Team

He admits he doesn’t possess any superpowers, but his mission is like any other superhero—he wants to catch bad guys.

“I’m looking for random violent crimes,” he said.

But who exactly is this mystery man willing to risk his own safety to fight crime in Sacramento?

We went to the experts to see if they knew.

Well, maybe he’s not really an expert, but close enough.

Teague Fordis works at Evangeline’s in Old Sacramento, a shop well-known for its costumes. He and and his manager Jennifer Kossman wonder if Silvershield’s been in their store.

“In fact the next time someone asks for capes or anything—‘Really?’” Kossman siad.

Silvershield, who wears a silver shield logo on his chest, isn’t the first civilian in costume to try and protect a city. Seattle has Phoenix Jones.

But Silvershield says he’s more low-profile and wants to fight crime on a smaller, quieter scale, until he can get his superhero team together.

“As for the police, I respect them, but they need to acknowledge that they can’t be everywhere,” he said.


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