Baby Kicks

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baby kicks
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It’s a feeling only a mother will ever experience- her unborn baby moving inside of her.  It’s the most incredible feeling.  For me, it’s a daily reminder of the amazing work being done inside my body.

At first, the movements were subtle, like popping popcorn or fluttering butterflies.  Now, there’s no mistake she’s kicking and jabbing away.  Sometimes it feels like she’s practicing kickboxing or karate with a quick jab, kick, jab, kick. Other times, I can feel her scraping her elbow or heel across my belly, as though she’s trying to break the barrier that blocks her from the outside world.  I try to get my husband involved as much as I can by putting his hand on my stomach.  It’s such a treat to see his reaction every time he feels her move.  Those moments are so precious.

She kicks a lot during the CBS13 morning newscasts! I like to believe she’s responding to the stories we’re talking about.  I wonder if she’ll later recognize the voices of Uncle Ron and Auntie Laura since she already hears them every morning.  She kicks hardest after I workout, especially after spinning classes.  She also likes to wake me up in the middle of the night, usually around 10:30- midnight.  And she sure loves kicking when I’m eating sweets!  Silly girl loves her junk food,  just like daddy.

Mark and I first realized she was an active one at about 12 weeks.  Look at her go!

Happy Presidents Day! Hope you’re having a fantastic Monday.



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