OAKDALE (CBS13) — An Oakdale church was raided by investigators on Monday after a tip led them to a youth minister—the pastor’s son—accused of having child pornography.

Tyler Bliss is already out of jail after bailing out Monday night.

Investigators say they’re working to identify the victims who are 13 years old and younger.

No one at Bliss’ home wanted to talk to CBS13 about his arrest.

He’s the youth minister of Bethel Assembly of God in Oakdale, and a man trusted by many families to watch their kids.

Troy Holder says he went to some of Bliss’ ministry classes and said the 27-year-old was very involved in the youth ministry.

“I think he was a pretty normal guy. Nothing stuck out there. Nothing out of the ordinary,” he said. “I was kind of in shock when I heard it.”

Before his profile was taken off of the church’s website, it said he oversaw the youth group since 2009.

At first, church members refused to talk to CBS13. But later in the evening, Ted King came out of the building after a meeting of church board members and shared a statement.

“The Oakdale Bethel Assembly of God Church professes its extreme shock at the arrest of Tyler Bliss,” King read.

He says the church will work with investigators who say they have a lot of work ahead of them, because of Bliss’ job working with teen and preteens.

He’s expected to face a judge this week.


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