By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A badly injured dog was left for dead on a Sacramento street until it managed to get up and walk to look for help.

The video will make you cringe. The pit bull mix is resting at the Front Street Animal Shelter with wounds to her head and face after a good Samaritan picked her up off the street.

Her cries are difficult to listen to, and her wounds are tough to look at.

But as this female pit bull mix waits for her pain medication to kick in, the search is on for who might be responsible for her deep cuts.

“It looks like she has several punctures,” said Animal Care Services Manager Gina Knepp.

Officials say those wounds look to be consistent with a dog fight, and more than likely not just one.

“It’s not a fresh wound, so this dog was allowed to stay in this condition for some time,” said Knepp.

The bloodied, bruised and undernourished dog wandered into a Sacramento convenience store on Del Paso Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

A good Samaritan took one look at her, put her in the car and drove her to the Front Street Animal Shelter—a move being called brave, because there was no way to tell the dog’s temperament. Many times, an injured dog is an angry dog.

But not this one.

“She seems very sweet since she’s been here, almost grateful for the relief,” said Knepp.

Out of harm’s way, but now on a tough road to recovery.

“If somebody out there knows what happened to this dog, we’d like to hear from them,” said Knepp.

City officials say if it turns out to be animal abuse, they won’t hesitate.

“We do prosecute a lot of cases here for animal cruelty, abuse and neglect,” said Knepp. “We don’t mess around. We have a small team, but we’re really tough about it.”

The dog will stay at the animal shelter for at least the next several days before she possibly could be up for adoption.


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