TURLOCK (CBS13) — A Turlock man came face-to-face with two burglars inside his home and managed to fight both of them off as he feared being shot in front of his little girl.

It was Valentine’s Day night when two burglars picked the wrong home to break into. The victim was in for the fight of his life as his daughter watched. Luckily a neighbor heard his cries for help.

Mickila Stamps heard the screams coming from down her street, then saw the victim.

“He’s like, ‘You come help me, I’m getting robbed,’ and my boyfriend jumped out the window” she said.

The victim, who didn’t want to go on camera, told CBS13 he was fighting off two burglars who had broken into his home while he was inside with his 4-year-old daughter.

Both burglars wore black clothing, including ski masks and gloves. One pointed a gun at him, demanding money and valuables.

“It just sounded like he was screaming for his life,” Stamps said.

But instead of giving them what they wanted, he decided to fight them as he yelled for help. And it worked. The criminal pair ran out of the home empty-handed.

Neighbors say their small street called The Burl is a quiet place, but the sense of security many have felt for decades is shattered after a visit by bold thieves who are still on the loose.

“We’ve lived here since the ’60s,” said Ken Casey. “This has always been a very quiet neighborhood.

Even though the victim didn’t get a look at the burglars’ faces because they were wearing ski masks, he believes they were teens because of their skinny builds. He says they were between 5-5 and 5-7.


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