SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento program has utility workers listening for leaks to help save water in this year’s drought.

A busted pipe underground means the city is losing valuable water

“We know there is some water lost from our treatment plant and out to your homes,” said Jessica Hess with City of Sacramento Utilities.

So workers are going house to house with what is known an x microphone to listen for leaky pipes.

In just a year and a half since the program started, the city has found more than 300 leaks.

“Sacramento has been around a long time,” Hess said. “Some of our oldest pipes are more than 80 years old.”

But most of the busted pipes are actually found in the much-younger Natomas.

“With the soil composition, we found out that the copper doesn’t hold up as well as some other areas,” said Bob Strebel.

The crews mark the ground where the busted pipe is and another crew comes out within two days to come out and patch it or replace it.

The city has spent just under $100,000 on equipment, but they say it has been a smart investment after finding hundreds of these leaks.


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