By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A bystander who helped Sacramento Police take down a fleeing suspect in a CBS13 exclusive video that’s gone viral got a special honor on Wednesday.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video of Louis Buchetto helping officer Paul Curtis tackle a man sought for outstanding warrants and a burglary.

Watch: Police, Bystander Take Down Suspect

Ask Buchetto to come on up and he won’t hesitate. It’s kind of in his nature to step up when needed.

Our Feb. 10 video shows him in action, jumping out of his Crocs to help catch the suspect.

Sacramento Police presented him with a certificate of appreciation, as well as Curtis.

Curtis acted on instinct and training, while Buchetto touts something he has in common with the officer—a football background.

“I was a pretty good linebacker in high school,” he said.

He acted on what he felt he needed to do as a father and a citizen.

“I thought, gosh, if this guy gets by the officers—I had 10 minutes before talked to my daughter—would I respond? And I thought, Yeah, OK, sure I definitely would,” he said.

It’s definitely not something police see every day, and it’s not something they encourage. But they certainly appreciate it when it happens.

Curtis attended the awards ceremony as well, but didn’t want to talk, choosing to stay out of the spotlight. His work, as we all saw, speaks for itself.


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