The Grant Napear Show February 20, 2014

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The Grant Napear started off today talking about the NBA trade deadline and who was traded and who wasn’t. Grant talked about the players the Kings received over the last two days as well as the players that are still there including Jason Thompson and Jimmer Fredette. Grant talked about the roles some of the players are going to have to adapt to as well as the team going forward.

Grant had on Marc Spears of Yahoo! Spots to talk about the the game tonight between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder as well as the players traded at the deadline ann what it mans for the contending teams.

Grant also had on John McEnroe to talk about both past and present tennis and what McEnroe thinks of the players that are playing now compared to the people he played against. McEnroe also talked about some of his favorite matches of his career and the one match he wishes he could redo.

Grant’s rant talked about the delusion of Kobe Bryant and how he was angry when the Lakers traded Steve Blake. Grant argues that he (Blake) doesn’t swing the balance of the Lakers one way or another and the move doesn’t matter all that much.

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