By Tony Lopez

EAST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a fight over the future of East Sacramento as homeowners and developers squared off over the proposed McKinley Village subdivision.

The plan is to build new homes in an area that hasn’t seen new development in decades.

It’s a region tucked between the train tracks and traffic on the Capital City Freeway. Close to 50 acres where birds now fly and dogs roam could soon be home to a brand-new housing development.

Developers want to call it the McKinley Village subdivision, while critics want to call it “nice try.”

In East Sacramento where classic architecture is the norm, and any plan to alter that look is one sure way to start a battle.

On Thursday night, people in the latest public hearing on the land plan voice their opposition for a few reasons. The big one: more cars, more people and more traffic.

To smooth out any traffic crunch from an estimated additional nearly 2,000 cars a day, the plan calls for building a tunnel under Alhambra Boulevard for pedestrians and those riding bikes.

Residents want to see that tunnel expanded to accommodate vehicle traffic, something that would add another $20 million to the project cost.

Developers swear the overall look of the homes built will melt into the landscape and will look like they belong. But residents say they aren’t buying it.

If the project gets approved, developers plan to move fast and break ground in May with homes being sold next summer.

The Sacramento City Council will vote on the project in the next two months.


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