Up Close and Personal – Body Image Issues

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up close and personal- body image
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I only had one fear going into this pregnancy: weight gain.  I’ve always had body image issues.  For a short time in my life, I suffered from anorexia.  At one point, my liver stopped functioning properly because of an extreme diet I had tried.  Fortunately, all of that is behind me now.

My doctor told me I would need to gain 25-35 pounds to have a healthy pregnancy.  Well, I’ve already gained a good amount of that weight and to be quite honest, I get a little uncomfortable at times.  Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing my belly grow.  It’s the extra fat around my face, arms and hips that make me a little self-conscious.  And being on television doesn’t make things any easier.  Everyone is able to see how much weight you’re putting on.  Most people are very supportive, but there are always the few who say mean things. For example:

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In the past, “fat” comments like that would have really bothered me, but this time around, they don’t.  While the extra pregnancy weight makes me feel self-conscious at times, I absolutely appreciate my body, more than I ever have before. This body is miraculously creating a human being.  For the first time in my life, I’m actually in love with this body and what it’s capable of.  It also doesn’t hurt that my husband tells me I’m beautiful, everyday.  I’ve been eating healthy and exercising regularly and I feel fantastic!  I’m not “fat.”  I’m pregnant! :)

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a great weekend!



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