VACAVILLE (CBS13) — City workers are warning people to be on the lookout for a mountain lion lurking in a popular area in Vacaville.

The animal was first sighted near a neighborhood, and then at a busy park.

Hikers spotted a mountain lion near Cherry Glen Road, and people who live near Lagoon Valley also recently reported seeing the big cat.

Those reported encounters were enough for city workers to immediately post temporary signs at trailheads.

“I’ve heard some coyotes up here, so I would expect to see a mountain lion,” said Don Border. “It wouldn’t surprise me.”

But not everyone heard about the mountain lion sightings, including many who take their dogs on walks on the trails.

“If we hear there’s mountain lions and we’re out on bikes, I’m more anxious to get home than be out,” said Marcus Alexander. “It’s getting a little dark, you know.”

The warning signs also tell people what to do if they see a mountain lion: like fight back if attacked and don’t run.

Despite the serious warning, workers at the Department of Fish and Wildlife say the mountain lion sightings near homes are not a public safety concern so long as the lion isn’t acting aggressively toward people.


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