SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Two survivors of last week’s tribal shooting grew up in our area, according to a woman who say she went to school with the sisters.

At least one of the victims remains in critical condition as their aunt sits in jail facing murder charges. CBS13 sat down with the sisters’ childhood friend who is praying for their recovery.

“I was so proud to hear how well she was doing with the tribe and her family, and I want her to pull through for them,” said Shalley Duarte, the victims’ friend.

Shalley has trouble holding back tears as she talks about her high school friends: two sisters who were badly hurt in a brutal shooting rampage on an Indian reservation in Modoc County.

“I was sick,” said Marcia Duarte, Shalley’s mother.

Police arrested Cherie Rhodes for allegedly killing four people, including her own brother, Rurik Davis. Shalley say Rhodes also shot Davis’s daughters, Melissa and Monica, the only two victims who survived.

Shalley says she grew up with them in Citrus Heights.

“I hear that they are doing well and that they’ve got their lives together and they’ve got careers going on and families, and it’s just hard to hear about something like this,” said Shalley.

Shalley says she and Melissa graduated together from Mesa Verde High School in 2006. She says they were good friends back then, both in an advanced placement program. Melissa’s younger sister, Monica, also attended school with them.

“I heard that Melissa was hurt more and then her younger sister got hurt running away,” said Shalley.

“They lost their dad in front of them,” said Marcia. “That must be devastating enough, let alone their injuries.”

It was an unthinkable act and a deadly outcome. Now these survivors’ childhood friends are praying for their recovery.

“I know they have a lot of friends out there. They’ve been in the community for years and years since they were little and I want them to know that there are a lot of people down here praying for them to come through,” said Marcia. “And we are there for them if they need anything.”

The Duartes say the sisters are still in critical condition in the hospital and it’s unclear if they’ll survive.


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