Human Trafficking Brings Easy Money, Hard Lives For Teenage Girls (page 2)

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Law enforcement says Sacramento is Northern California’s gateway for human trafficking in part because of its location. The Interstate 80 corridor makes moving people easy.

“We are centrally located,” he said. “Reno, Sacramento, East Bay to San Francisco down to San Jose.”

Moving victims from city to city is simple.

“They’ll buy a bus ticket,” the unidentified pimp said. “Greyhound is cheapest or Amtrak ticket to get to where they need to go.”

The circuit extends beyond our area to places such as San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, the Midwest and even back east.

But how are the victims recruited for this circuit.

Our informant says they’re desperate for something they lack at home—affection.

“A female wants a boyfriend,” he said. “He’s around me, he’s with me when I need to be cuddled.”

They’re then slowly brainwashed into prostituting for what’s called “the family” with the pimp as the father figure.

“Like a husband and wife,” he said, “but it’s one husband, and you have a few different wives.”

New victims must earn the family’s trust before working alone, something that can take months of training.

“You don’t send away a girl new to your circle in the beginning,” he said. “You walk around and make $1,000 or $2,000 a day.”

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