Human Trafficking Brings Easy Money, Hard Lives For Teenage Girls (page 3)

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The true test of loyalty to the family is when the victim returns from out of town with fat stacks of cash—thousands of dollars from their work.

“What is that telling you right there? It’s a choice of their choosing.” he said.

And everyone gets a cut, with all involved taking their part.

“The person needs clothes, hair, shoes, nails, everything that’s needed,” he said.

That flashy lifestyle is the bait to entice new victims.

“For the most part, females seeking other females living good, ride in nice cars, getting jewelry,” he said.

But an undercover officer warns, that sex career is short lived.

“Statistics in this area show that once a young lady, girl becomes involved in prostitution, the median life span is between seven and 10 years,” he said.

They’re told they’re good for nothing but prostitution.

“There’s abuse. Emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse,” he said. “And they pound that into them over and over again.”

From there, it’s a vicious cycle.

“They firmly believe there is really not any way out, I’m now damaged, nobody’s going to want me,” he said.

Leaving them with only one way out, and they take it.

Detectives say that more than 80 percent of the girls have made their way through a foster system, and almost always start well before their 18th birthday.

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