ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A woman who accepted a ride from two complete strangers was violently attacked Sunday evening, police say.

The woman was reportedly new to Roseville and hitched a ride with two men – 36-year-old Fermin Gomez-Puac and 24-year-old Victor Jancer Sautizo. At some point, police say, the woman was beaten up, robbed and raped by the two men.

Police say the woman was somehow able to escape and call 911. An officer out on patrol, after being informed of the situation by dispatchers, realized that the car he had just pulled over for a DUI stop matched the description of the suspects’ car. The officer then arrests both Sautizo and Gomez-Puac.

Both men were booked at Placer County Jail on charges of rape, false imprisonment and conspiracy, among other charges. The men are being held without bail.


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