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Pregnancy has completely changed my world.  Sure, some of the changes have been uncomfortable, such as morning sickness and leg cramps, but the perks have been plentiful!  The biggest perk, of course, is expecting my first baby girl.  Then, there are the many positives-

People treat you like royalty!  Just this past week, people have insisted I cut them in line at Starbucks.  Others have also let me skip the line for the ladies room.  Chivalry still exists!  I’ve lost count of the many times people have held the doors for me at stores.  And the hubby does most of the chores around the house these days.

No more acne!  I’ve suffered from acne for years.  During the first few months of pregnancy, my acne actually got worse.  By the 4th month, my face completely cleared up!  I haven’t had a clear face in years!

My hair and nails are thicker and stronger! Don’t be surprised if you catch me shaking my head from side to side like a model in a shampoo commercial.  I’ve been feeling that good about my hair lately.  You may also see me admiring and staring at my longer, stronger claws.  They’re not breaking as often as they used to.

Hello, well-endowed figure!  It happened almost instantly for me and the blouses aren’t complaining!  It’s an au naturel enhancement I’m enjoying very much!

There’s always an excuse.  Moody? Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.  Just ate the entire box of Girl Scouts cookies?  Baby wanted it.  Forgot something?  Pregnancy brain.

These perks won’t last long, so I’m enjoying them while I can!

Happy Hump Day friends!



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