By Tony Lopez

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Religion replaced the red carpet on Wednesday for a big screen movie premiere after a local megachurch bought out an entire theater to spread the word of God.

There was only one movie playing on all 16 screens in a Rocklin theater, and many are hoping it will be a life-changing movie.

Follow the footsteps of a pilgrimage of sorts to an unlikely place—a giant movie theater in suburbia, where a crowd gathered to hear a rock-strong message.

Not from a preacher, but a filmmaker on all 16 screens showing “Son of God.”

The movie comes out on Friday and chronicles in a gritty and realistic fashion and according to critics the life of Jesus Christ.

It’s a message most in the crowd know well. Many belong to Bayside, the megachurch that spent $24,000 to rent out the theater for the showing two days before it comes out.

Most in the crowd weren’t surprised by a recent scientific study showing that people who are religious have physically different brains, thicker in some parts. Doctors say it can also enhance the brain’s resilience against depression.

When Bayside Church rented out the theater, they knew they’d get a great response. They didn’t expect to sell all 2,400 tickets in about 24 hours. Despite rough weather, every seat was taken.


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