SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento is making the short list of possible cities that could host the Democratic National Convention in 2016.

The capital of arguably the most politically charged state in the nation could be in the national spotlight in two years.

Democratic activist Eddie Kirby believes Northern California is a perfect reflection of the party’s goals and ideals.

“I think it would be absolutely amazing,” he said. “[It] highlights the strength of the Democratic party in California and how much more important we are at the national level now.”

Sacramento is one of 30 cities being asked to submit a proposal to host the convention to select a Democratic presidential candidate in 2016.

But does the capital city have enough hotel beds for the 35,000 people expected to attend?

We asked Mike Testa at the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau.

“From a room standpoint, it takes about 22,000 rooms within the city, and then another 20,000 or so outside the city,” he said. “And right now, for the region, we are about 15,000 to 17,000 rooms. So not quite there yet.”

And the number of hotel rooms may not be the only concern. The size of the convention center may also be a problem.

The new Sacramento Kings arena could be a possibility, except it’s slated to open in the fall of 2016. The DNC will be held in the summer. So while a bid for 2016 is unlikely, there’s a chance in 2020.

“Good news is that these conventions come up every 4 years,” Testa said. “So we will have further opportunity down the road as our product continues to expand and our inventory continues to grow.”

Plans have been drawn to expand the convention center to attract larger events in coming years with a price tag of $200 million.


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