By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new 3-D glimpse at the future of downtown Sacramento was unveiled on Thursday as officials revealed how the new arena will change the face of the city.

The first concept on how big signs should be around the arena and how bright the lights will shine was put on display.

Win or lose, the new Kings ownership and players will provide the energy inside the new downtown arena when it opens in time for the 2016 NBA season.

But how will Sacramento pump up the energy outside an arena that’s already wowing crowds with its state of the art design?

They hope to do it through lighting and signs from Third to Seventh streets and from J to L streets.

Sacramento City planners discussed those matters after unveiling the 3-D mockup of the arena.

People who live near the future sports complex site were curious about how big and bright the lights and signs would be.

The lighting is expected to be impressive, similar to the electronic ambience outside the L.A. Live area outside of the Staples Center.

Some like that idea, but don’t want the flash to be too Hollywood.

“It’s gotta be something toned down,” said MIke Tavares. “It’s gotta be something that says this is Sacramento.”

The high-elevation lighting and signs will likely reach 75 feet or higher in some areas. Other parts will see signs between 20 and 75 feet high. All of this is designed to attracted crowds long after a game or concert is over, spending time and money.

Nothing is set in stone when it comes to the issues, but commissioners urged developers to go bold without being too flashy.


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