Grant started off the show talking about the ejection last night of Demarcus Cousins. Grant talked about Cousins still having work to do in order to not lose control of his emotions all the time but doesn’t see last night as a big deal in the long run. Grant talked about the way the Kings played last night against the Houston Rockets and how good the Rockets can look when they put everything together.

Later on a ruling was handed down against STOP and their efforts to have the arena construction be put to a ballot. Grant talked about the efforts failing and how STOP now has to find a new thing to do, just not in Sacramento.

Later on Grant has on Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee to talk about the STOP initiative and what the ruling handed down today means for both the Kings and the STOP people in general. Grant and Ryan talked about the drama that has gone on over the years and what to look forward to in the months to come.

Grant also had on new big man Reggie Evans and talked to him about the journey he’s been on over his NBA career as well as his workout routine he goes through and his thoughts on the team so far.


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