WOODLAND (CBS13) — As the last bit of sun was setting in Woodland, residents could see Friday’s storm trying to send a funnel cloud to the ground.

Juan Barajas was busy serving customers at Las Maracas in Knights Landing when cellphones gave warning that a tornado could be on the way.

He turned on the TV and people saw what was going on and got curious.

“They tried to go outside for a little,” he said. “I said you never know when it’s going to hit.”

He pulled everyone back in and away from the windows and planned to squeeze everyone into his kitchen if things got worse.

“That’s the best place we have,” he said. “It’s enclosed with a room in the back. We have a storage, and if anything hits, it’s away from the windows.”

Luckily the storm died down, but it still gave plenty of people in the area a good scare.

Barajas says the storm was scary for a quick second, but he won’t soon forget the day the skies served up some excitement during the busy dinner rush.

“Pretty exciting for a Friday night,” he said. “It’s Knights Landing. It’s a small town.”


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