FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A huge relief, even after a tragic loss, for family members of 16-year-old Naomy Rojas, who was shot and killed.

Nearly one week after the murder, police arrested these four men in her death.

“It’s nasty, it’s really sick to look at those guys. Like, why did they do that to my sister? She didn’t deserve it,”said Nayeli Rojas, Naomy’s sister.

The Fairfield teen was found shot in the head last Saturday near Phoenix Drive. She was found lying next to some train tracks, but police say she wasn’t the intended target.

“We all knew from the beginning that it wasn’t for her. She just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Nayeli said.

Police say four men went to Phoenix Drive on the night of Maomy’s murder to confront someone else who was with her.

But when gunshots rang out, Naomy was the one who was killed.

“We still think she’s going to come home … Every time we go outside, we always think she’s around the corner coming home,” Nayeli said.

Police say all four suspects have lengthy criminal pasts, and two of them are documented gang members.

“It does anger me, because they are back out there and look what they did they took my sister and I’m never going to see her again,” Nayeli said.

And Naomy’s older sister hopes they pay for the heartless crime – for a long time.

“I hope they go to trial and they go to jail and pay for what they did to my sister.”


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