10. Professional Cuddling Service Opens Its Arms To Customers In Roseville
Cuddle Connection will opened and has five different cuddle zones. Owner Kelly Peterson says she wants her clients to feel like they’ve spent a day at the spa.

9. Viral Video Of Sacramento Takedown Arrest Shines Spotlight On Officer
Paul Curtis is a physically gifted 15-year veteran. He rode his bike across the country in 2011 and is a department fitness coordinator.

8. Honey Price Increases Lead to Jump In Beehive Thefts
Keepers like Phil Hofland hoping the latest technology will sting those thieves trying to make off with the valuable hives.

7. Roseville Elementary School Parents Warned About Pass-Out Game
The principal says that student was playing something called the pass-out game. It’s where students see how long they can hold their breath.

6. Fan Attacks Rival High School Basketball Coach’s Wife During Game
The melee stopped the freshman girls game between McNair and St. Mary’s High School and canceled the rest of the night’s games.

5. DWR Cuts Allocations To Organizations Buying Water From The State
In order to protect the state’s available water, the California Department of Water Resources says it has dropped the number of state water allocations to zero.

4. Behaviorists: Dogs Feel No Shame Despite The Look
The next time you start shaking your finger and shouting “Shame on you!” because your dog chewed up your favorite fuzzy slippers, just remember that no matter how guilty your dog looks, it doesn’t know what your rant is about.

3. Gov. Jerry Brown Calls Congress Drought Bill ‘Unwelcome And Divisive’
He called a Republican effort in Congress to address California’s unprecedented drought an “unwelcome and divisive intrusion” in the state’s efforts to address the crisis

2. Dramatic Takedown Of Sacramento Suspect Caught On Video
Our cameras were there when the suspect hopped over a fence and took off on a bike toward CBS13 photojournalist James Taylor.

1. Man’s Back Surgery On Hold As Doctors Deny Covered California Coverage
He needs his surgery yesterday. But instead of scheduling his date, he and his wife are navigating a confusing maze of doctors and insurance plans.


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