WOODLAND (CBS13) – The National Weather Service has given Friday’s tornado spotted near Woodland an EF0 rating.

Residents in Woodland spotted the funnel cloud as the sun was setting Friday evening. According to information from the NWS, the tornado touched down over Conaway Ranch just southeast of Woodland.

Dillon Davis got it all on camera. He saw the storm brewing to the west near his Woodland home and started recording.

“Me being me, I was like, well maybe there will be a tornado coming,” Davis said.

And that’s exactly what he got; first a funnel cloud dropping down and the debris being stirred up.

For it to be classified as a tornado, dirt and debris on the ground must be airborne.

“I was thinking it was going to hit the power lines. But we got lucky,” Davis said.

The twister first touched down in between County Roads 103 and 25, then touched down again about 400 yards later in a flooded rice field. Both times it touched down, NWS says, the tornado traveled around 100 yards.

With no visible damage seen, the tornado was given an EF0 rating, the lowest rating on the Enhanced Fujita Scale. The scale measures intensities of tornadoes based on how much damage they cause.

Davis says he’s glad this twister stayed in the field, as he was worried about the punch it would pack if it came his way.

“I’m sure it would have destroyed some stuff. If it would have came through here, who knows what would have happened.”

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