WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Four known gang members are off the street tonight as part of a multi-agency gang sweep and drug bust in West Sacramento.

This was kind of like an undercover operation, as local and state police targeted a home.

Emerging from this house on Beardsley Drive in West Sacramento is a man in handcuffs trying to hide his face from CBS13’s cameras. West Sacramento Police say he’s a suspect in an FBI investigation called Operation Fair Play targeting gang and drug operations.

His next-door neighbor calls him a family man who keeps to himself.

“Trying to make a living,” said Ben Ochoa. Works and everything. I don’t know what’s going on over there.”

Many are surprised that state and federal officers are involved, saying it’s the first time they’ve seen cops at the home.

“They’re all good. I don’t have no issues here,” said Sheryl Ochoa.

Four men were arrested on Tuesday, all known members of the Norteno street gang.

Richard Mancha, Richard Posada, Ricardo Garza and Robert Sanchez were all wanted for the sale of meth and criminal gang activity.


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