SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Terry Rose says he’s put in danger every morning while waiting in the dark for the light rail train near Watt Avenue.

He’s asked workers to repair the lights that have been out for months.

“It’s kind of scary, because there’s not a whole lot of people out here,” he said.

Monday through Friday, he gets to the light-rail station at about 5:30 a.m.

“It’s dark,” he said. “You’re out here by yourself and there’s no lights.”

A stretch of lights went out in December forcing commuters to walk in the dark. He says he’s talked to light-rail workers since then.

Last month, someone vandalized his car at the light-rail station.

“I got really ticked off when I came back and saw my car,” he said. “They came over this side, and it actually goes down to the other side.”

Fed up and tired of waiting, he emailed light-rail station workers asking what was taking so long.

“They’re real nice. She calls and says they’re working on it, but you know they’ve been working on it in January and February and here it is March. And I guess they’re still working on it because they’re still out.” he said.

He shared an email with us from a light-rail employee dated Feb. 18 explaining “All wiring was pulled last week, and wet weather set the work back a few days.”

CBS13 found out from a light-rail spokesperson on Wednesday that the lights were out because of copper thefts, and the rain was delaying an already extensive repair job.

Rose says hearing copper thieves are the reason the lights are out is even more reason to be concerned.

“If they can do that for quarter- to a half-mile of stuff and nobody notices, you know something is wrong there with the security,” he said.

For their part, light rail says they have police and sheriff’s deputies patrolling the area in addition to security.

As far as when the lights will turn back on, they don’t know.


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