Dancing While Sleepy

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I notice my energy starting to diminish again as I approach my 7th month of pregnancy and the 3rd trimester.  Yesterday, I took a glucose tolerance test.  It’s a test women between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy are encouraged to take, to check for gestational diabetes.

sleepy 2

The drink actually tasted pretty good!  I got the fruit punch flavor.  The woman helping me out said she’s never seen anyone down the drink like I did!  Ha!  While I was sitting in the waiting room, I fell  into a deep sleep, feet up and all!  I woke up to a nurse tapping my shoulder saying, “Uh, ma’am, you can’t sleep here.”  How embarrasing.  The past several days, I’ve probably taken about 3 naps each day!

Working out has also been extremely difficult.  I’m constantly yawning in cycling class and I can barely keep up with the instructor. I’ve also caught myself zoning out in class and closing my eyes once in awhile.

Fortunately at work, the morning crew keeps me on my toes.  Here’s a silly behind the scenes look at Ron and me dancing right after our newscast on Monday.  Ron has some moves!  :)

Happy Wednesday friends!  Hope you’re having a great week.



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