ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A crime spree targeting Roseville businesses in the middle of the night was stopped after a traffic stop exposed the burglary and drug ring.

Roseville Police say the weeks-long investigation nabbed four people who were part of the ring, which spanned across Roseville.

They would target office buildings and storage facilities in the middle of the night, hoping to steal electronics to later sell.

A patrol officer noticed something fishy during a car stop, exposing the spree.

“He stopped and talked to the individuals and things were not adding up,” said Dee Dee Gunther with the Roseville Police Department. “He was persistent and did some digging and found some property from recent burglaries.”

Police say that stolen property also allegedly led them to an identity theft operation and more.

“They uncovered evidence of drug use and drug sales,” she said.

James Eisner was arrested on identity theft, drugs and conspiracy, and Valiri Ryan faces similar charges.

Brook Heston was booked for allegedly selling drugs and possessing stolen property.

Robert Vance of Citrus Heights is accused of fighting with police during his arrest.

The motivation of the six people arrested? Police say it’s meth addiction and that they were allegedly selling their own product.

“It’s very typical that when we investigate property theft that there’s almost always some drugs involved,” Gunther said.


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