STOCKTON (CBS13) —Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva is making changes in response to criticism that he doesn’t spend enough time in the public eye.

Silva says he is beginning a weekly video address to let people know what he’s going to be doing and working on.

The latest announcement from the embattled mayor came during Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

“That way, people don’t go out there and create websites that say “Where’s the mayor?” and try to ping their phone and follow ’em around,” he said.

Bill Reis created, which surfaced last week wondering where the mayor is and who is he meeting with.

“The moment a leadership group or person decides not to be visible in everything the do, people worry,” he said. “Stockton is a community that has been kicked in the dirt dragged around. People aren’t generally happy. If we have a mayor that has a high visibility showing that things are improving, it helps everybody.”

The mayor has landed in the negative spotlight several times since he was elected.

He hoped the weekly addresses will help highlight positive changes in a city emerging from bankruptcy.

“I want to put stuff out in my own words so people know what’s going on,” he said. “It’s a great place to raise a family, open a business and live.”

Silva says he keeps his schedule private because of safety concerns and the lack of staff to take the time to create it.

“The taxpayers are my boss,” he said. “I want them to know what projects I’m working on.”


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