STOCKTON (CBS13) – The Google barge slipped out of the Bay Area under the cover of night Thursday, making its way to its new home in Stockton.

Google will be paying $12,000 a month to dock the barge at the Port of Stockton. Their lease is for six months, but the barge can leave earlier or stay later.

Port of Stockton Director Richard Aschieris notes that the port is quite secure due to it falling under the Department of Homeland Security rules.

The barge, which appears to be under construction, would reportedly showcase Google’s latest technology once open to the public. It had been docked at Treasure Island for months, but didn’t have the proper permits to stay.

Hiring for work on the barge is expected to begin once construction resumes. Aschieris said he is unsure when construction will begin and how many jobs it means for the area. 

Stockton has made no secret it would welcome the tech giant with open arms. However, officials have — until Thursday — stayed evasive on the issue.

“Well, you never know. We never talk about our marketing efforts in advance, really, of agreements,” Aschieris said in an earlier interview.

The barge docked at the Port of Stockton a little after 10 a.m. Its voyage from the Bay Area lasted about seven and half hours.


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