UPDATE: The barge docked in the Port of Stockton at around 10 a.m. on Thursday, March 6.


STOCKTON (CBS13) — It seems the mysterious Google barge is about to be on the move, but the question remains: Where is it going?

It appeared the barge was bound for Stockton, which has made no secret that they’d welcome it with open arms. Mayor Anthony Silva says he’s hoping and praying it happens.

But in what’s a very secretive process, it seems nobody knows for sure where the barge is going, except Google themselves—and they aren’t saying a word.

Richard Aschieris, the director of the Port of Stockton, says if the Google barge is coming, it’s news to him. He’d be happy to have them, but says it’s still status quo with no agreement in place.

Reporters have called him nonstop ever since an official told our San Francisco sister station that the barge would be towed to Stockton.

Once open to the public, it would reportedly showcase Google’s latest technology. The barge has been docked at Treasure Island for months, but sits unfinished. The company also doesn’t have the proper permits to keep it there.

“If they want to work on the barge, that’s done routinely here,” Aschieris said.

He says there’s plenty of room, and he doesn’t expect permit problems at this Stockton location.

Silva says the barge would bring desperately needed jobs, but for all the legwork behind the scenes, he says the city is quite simply in the dark.

“We can’t get a hold of anyone that’s a high-ranking official at Google that can actually confirm that this is going to be a reality,” he said.

So far the barge hasn’t budged. If something’s going to happen, it’s likely to be soon as state officials have reportedly given Google a Friday deadline to move the barge.


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