SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It was more than a trip back home for one soldier when his loved ones greeted him at Sacramento International Airport.

Lt. Daniel Pauley received a hero’s welcome as he makes his way down the escalator with hugs and kisses from five beautiful blondes waiting at the bottom—one he’s holding for the very first time.

His first message to his new daughter Emma was to tell her he loves her.

“I knew the tears were coming,” he said. “I felt them on the plane ride just thinking about them.”

Daniel’s wife Vanessa has been waiting for this day since their fourth daughter was born a couple of months ago.

So has Emma. Her shirt even reads “I’ve waited my whole life to meet you Daddy.”

The Galt couple got the news that Vanessa was pregnant the same week Daniel was leaving for Afghanistan. Vanessa has been raising the four girls alone while he’s been overseas.

“She’s remarkable,” he said. “They say the family is the unsung heroes because we go and do our thing and they are the ones that got to make the big adjustments.”

Now the adjustments will be a bit easier, as this one includes Dad being home.

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