DIXON (CBS13) — A Dixon couple welcomed their baby traveling 80 miles an hour down the highway.

Jeremey Edson was rushing his wife Rhiannon to Sutter Hospital in Roseville when her contractions began. But baby Avery was not willing to wait.

The couple didn’t make it past Davis when he heard something he wasn’t quite ready for.

“She was like, ‘The head is out.’ ‘What do you mean the head is out?’ he said. “A minute after that, another contraction, and another big yell, and it’s out.”

Jeremey says by the time he pulled over in the Nugget parking lot, his wife was holding their newborn child.

“I don’t know. I knew everything was OK. [The baby] was fine,” she said “[Jeremey] was freaking out.”

Sutter Hospital says they have had babies born in cars before, but haven’t heard of one coming while Dad was speeding down the highway.

The couple says this is a story they can’t wait to tell baby Avery someday.


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