STOCKTON (CBS13) — Even though the mysterious Google barge is closed to the public, it’s not stopping fans from finding ways to find good views of it.

One of the best locations is at the private Stockton Golf & Country Club, which is closed to the public.

“Unfortunately we are a member-equity private club, and the public is now allowed to come in and park here and view this,” said club spokesman Rick Howarth.

While those on the course have a front-row seat, most people can head to nearby Louis Park where after walking down a short path, you can see the barge docked in the distance.

“It’s smaller than it shows on TV, a lot smaller,” said Tammy Tupper, who was visiting with her grandson.

The best lenses might show the outside, but they won’t show what’s going on inside, which doesn’t sit well with everyone.

“The walls, there are no windows, of it it’s all solid you can’t see through it, to me it’s like they are hiding something,” Anthony said.

The barge is docked at the Port of Stockton, which is a secure facility.


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