SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The car of missing musician Broughty Cole was found at Miller Park marina, his sister told CBS13 Sunday.

The car – which was found by a friend of the young man – was locked and looked to be undisturbed. Broughty’s wallet, keys and cell phone were not inside.

No signs of foul play were seen, family says.

Broughty, a drummer, was set to play a show in Sacramento before he went missing. He also was a no-show at a gig in Nevada City scheduled for Wednesday with his band.

The no-shows have raised the concerns of family and friends of Broughty, who say he would never miss a chance to play a gig.

“He was supposed to meet with someone Tuesday, night and then give someone a ride to a show and then play in the show Wednesday night,” Sky Cole, Broughty’s brother, said in an earlier interview.

Family and friends have been driving all around the area to find any traces of Broughty.


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