By Tony Lopez

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — Citrus Heights residents spoke out against a creek-side bike trail plan some say would force them to move.

Don’t let the peaceful images of the creek fool you—there’s a dustup over development brewing along Citrus Heights creek beds.

Some residents are threatening to move if a 16-mile bike trail is built just a few feet from their homes.

They say the trail would impact the environment and their lifestyle.

“Why would I want to look at a concrete pathway and bikes?” one resident at Wednesday’s meeting said. “No thank you.”

Some say they do want that view, and that new trails would get people active while adding a new slice of beauty to Citrus Heights.

“Let’s plan a trail that works for the residents and the environment,” another resident said.

The few in favor at Wednesday’s public hearing say the new trails would reduce crime by increasing police presence patrolling the trails.

But one younger citizen didn’t mince words. The 13-year-old girl says she worries about her safety if the trails are built right behind her house.

“If you install these trails, you’d be allowing people to watch us, and you don’t know whether or not they’re pedophiles,” she said. “It troubles me deeply to think that you can endanger my sister and my safety by installing these trails.”


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