Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid Looking For Forever Home In Modesto

MODESTO (CBS13) — A pair of dogs spent six weeks roaming the streets of Modesto, evading people’s attempts to rescue them.

Butch Cassidy and his brother the Sundance Kid are doing remarkably well considering their journey.

“I think they are brothers,” said rescuer Tamra Helton. “Not 100 percent sure, but since they traveled all of Modesto together, I’m going to call them brothers.”

The dogs stayed together for at least six weeks since their first sighting dodging traffic and running the streets of Modesto.

“There were at least 30 people looking for these dogs,” she said.

Through social media, animal lovers tracked their every move, posting pictures of the dogs on the run.

No one was able to capture the pair until Animal Control got involved, and took them to the local shelter.

Rescuers with Compassionate Pet Sanctuary noticed the dogs while selecting animals for an upcoming adoption event.

They say the dogs were separated and scheduled to be put down.

“We pulled them out, now they are back together we’d like to keep them together,” said Becky Medcalf.

Keeping them together will require a special owner. Butch is a bit protective of his little brother.

Rescuers hope someone will offer a forever home so the brothers don’t have to break their bond.

The dogs will be groomed and checked out by a vet before Saturday’s adoption event at the Petsmart on Sisk Road in Modesto.


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