SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The case of a 7-month-old baby and his father murdered more than six years ago is in the hands of a Sacramento jury.

Closing arguments on Thursday had the prosecution and the defense trying to sell evidence to a stone-faced jury as to who killed the man and his baby.

The defense has a tough assignment. They must convince a jury that Chris Strong and Donald Ortez-Lucero are not responsible for the murders of Sean Aquitania and the point-blank shooting of his 7-month-old Sean Aquitania, Jr.

Prosecutors say six-and-a-half years ago, the father, with his baby in the car, interrupted a home-invasion robbery at a friend’s home in South Sacramento.

The baby, who would now be 7 years old, was shot in the head while still strapped in his car seat. His dad was gunned down inside the home.

It’s a case that shocks the conscience.

The victims’ wife and mother Monique De La Cruz says she’s focused on the closing arguments.

As the defense team wrapped up its arguments, it hopes to discredit the prosecution’s witnesses and evidence.

“Where is there any evidence in this case that Don and Chris are together?” said attorney Donald Masuda.

Jury deliberations will continue on Friday.


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