SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento man was stabbed and killed while trying to break up a fight in the Arden area on Wednesday.

Shannon Gregg’s girlfriend says he was doing what any father would do: protect his daughter and friends when a fight broke out on their front doorstep.

But things got out of control in seconds, and Shannon lost his life.

“He loved his kids. He loved his family, and he’d do anything for ’em,” Shelly Doyle said.

That is his legacy as a father: He loved his kids so much that he was willing to die for them.

“It’s been hell,” Doyle said.

She and Shannon weren’t married, but they may has well have been. They were together for 16 years and have three children.

Shannon worked as a tree trimmer. His friend took pictures on Wednesday—the last day Shannon would work.

One of his sons refuses to accept the awful truth.

“His dad’s not gone, he’s just at work, he thinks,” Doyle said. “How do you explain that one?”

There’s no making sense of what happened on Wednesday night in the Arden neighborhood.

Doyle says their daughter and friends were walking home when they were harassed by a group of people that Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies believe have gang ties.

The suspects followed them all the way home. When Shannon heard the commotion, he came outside to break it up.

“At one point he had ’em separate, and we thought it was over,” Doyle said.

But just as quickly as things calmed down, tempers flared, and Shannon was stabbed.

He collapsed. The innocent father was fighting for his life in a battle it seems he knew he couldn’t win.

“He said, ‘I love you. I’m sorry for everything. I love the kids, and I’m just tired. I worked hard today. I’m just tired. I’m worn out,’” Doyle said. “That’s it. Those were his last words. He just closed his eyes.”

There are two more innocent victims in the case. Another man who tried to intervene and a teenage boy were also stabbed. At least check, both were in stable condition.

The investigation is ongoing, with no arrests so far.


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