PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — Is this video showing the brutal beating of an innocent dog, or a dog that was killed in self defense?

It’s off in the background, but the surveillance video captures the melee and the death of Amber Chabot’s pit bull Blaze.

The Placer County District Attorney’s Office is examining the video to determine this.

Chabot says her dog died at the hands of a neighbor who has a vendetta, but that neighbor says he had to do what he did.

Chabot is in shock after Blaze jumped the fence in her front yard and approached her neighbor Gary Jackson—a neighbor she’s had problems with in the past.

“Blaze was a happy dog. He was a good dog. He was a lover,” she said. “He’s either an evil man, or a sociopath, one of the two.”

The video is hard to make out, but it shows Blaze approach Jackson and his German shepherd Bubba. Next, Gary violently swings and punches Blaze

Chabot says it shows a playful Blaze being attack, but Jackson says no way.

“I just feel really bad for the owner, but I wish she could see if my way too, because it could have gone the other way,” he said. “My dog could have been the one that was killed.”

He says the video shows his dog Bubba being attacked, and him trying to save its life. Somehow in the process, Blaze was killed.

“We had to fight them off, and unfortunately the dog died,” he said.

Jackson could be facing charges, but he says he did nothing wrong.

“My point is, keep your dog in the yard, or keep them on a leash,” he said. “That’s the law.”

But Chabot says she wants charges.

“This is animal cruelty, and anybody who says otherwise needs to look at it again,” she said.

She says an examination of Blaze’s body shows he was strangled to death.


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