SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Sacramento County may require recycling centers to move indoors instead of being run out of parking lots, because of constant complaints.

The county says neighbors of the centers, often run out of parking lots, have complained about the homeless and the eyesores they create.

Pat Tillman says she would have to get rid of her employees if the county goes through with a possible plan requiring businesses like hers to move indoors.

“I’ve been checking to see approximately what it would cost to move in, and it’s upwards of $3,000,” she said.

That’s triple the rent of her current location in a shipping container off Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento County.

County planner Tricia Stevens says the idea of moving the recycling centers indoors isn’t intended to harm them, but to stop the complaints from neighbors.

“The county is all of recycling. This is not about being against recycling,” she said. “A lot of it has to do with noise and loitering and unkempt premises.”

Tillman says the issues should be handled on a case-by-case basis instead of going after all of them.

“If you have a recycling center that is getting several complaints, address that recycling center, but don’t penalize all of us,” she said. “That would force me to lay people off, and that is not my goal.”

Stevens says the county is discussing possibly grandfathering in current recyclers, but everything is on the table.

Tillman hopes she’s just able to continue.

“I’ve been told we’re great, and they absolutely love us being here,” she said.

The ordinance is still being reviewed when before it’s brought back to the planning commission.


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