SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Although investigators are on the hunt for whoever nearly killed Tyrone Lim’s relatives Friday night, Lim is on the lookout as well.

Lim and the family insist that they don’t know why they were targeted in a drive-by shooting.

“I came around and saw my uncle lying on the ground bleeding,” Lim said.

It was Lim who saw exactly what happened Friday night. Around 8:30 p.m., he was in his car pulling up to his home on Thurman Way when he heard the gunshots.

“There was a silver car or a white car that came up stopped in front of my cousin’s car … and then by the time I got out of my car they had opened fire, but it sounded like firecrackers at first,” Lim said.

He says it wasn’t until his uncle, aunt and cousin told him they’d been shot that he realized how serious the situation was.

“For this to happen it’s just, it’s crazy,” Lim said.

Tyrone says his aunt, Beverly Brown, is now recovering at home. His uncle and cousin, Lawrence Lowrey and Brandon Conely, are still in the hospital.

“After that happened last night, each car that comes up and down the street is basically a suspect, especially if we don’t know the car and haven’t seen the car,” Lim said.


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