SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The City of Sacramento is edging closer and closer to acquiring the last piece of the puzzle it needs to build the Kings’ new downtown arena.

At a hearing Wednesday, a judge heard both the city’s and the owners of the former Macy’s men’s store argue their side. The city is pushing for taking hold of the property under eminent domain.

The sticking issue the asking price for the vacant building. Its owners are asking for $10 million for the building, while the city only believes it’s worth $4 million.

Judge Raymond M. Cadei tentatively ruled in favor of the city at a hearing Tuesday, but Wednesday’s judge decided to hold off on making a final decision to confirm Cadei’s ruling.

“We think the city took all the appropriate steps to make sure it can acquire the property,” Matt Rutak, assistant city attorney, said.

The judge is expected to take about a week in making the final decision.

If all goes according to plan for the city, demolition of the Downtown Plaza is scheduled to begin sometime this spring. Construction of the new arena will begin in the fall.


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