DAVIS (CBS13) — A new task force is cracking down on the growing burglary problem in Davis.

Police say they’ve made more than two-dozen arrests since the task force got started.

The city has been inundated with car, commercial and residential burglaries with more than 900 last year.

Investigators also say 2012 burglaries jumped 70 percent from the year before, while car break-ins were up 32 percent and businesses saw a 29 percent increase.

Detectives are pinning the spike on 2011’s Assembly Bill 109, the controversial realignment measure allowing nonviolent felons to be release from prison.

But finally, there’s a break from the break-ins.

“Someone tried to break into my house about six months ago,” said Davis resident Hannah Summerhays. “I’ve definitely noticed a huge change.”

Davis Police recently created the Special Assignment and Focused Enforcement, or SAFE task force to focus on finding burglary suspects.

By using officers, crime analysis specialists and even coordinating with other agencies, they’re using as many resources as possible to tackle property crimes.

They say one man they arrested in December led them to solving dozens of cases.

Since the task force started three months ago, investigators say the burglary calls have dropped from one break-in every 16 hours to one every 124 hours—or more than five days.

“[It’s] reassuring that there’s more people on the ground,” said Davis resident Des Abeyta. “Foot traffic of seeing police officers makes a huge difference.”

Detectives say many of the burglaries are motivated by drug trafficking and addiction.


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