Group Handing Graphic Anti-Abortion Fliers To Rancho Cordova Students

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) — Graphic anti-abortion flyers are being passed out to students at a local school, and parents and neighbors are outraged the school district can’t put a stop to it.

Larry Blount is fed up of seeing anti-abortion fliers left all over his neighborhood

“It’s not just the high school. There’s an elementary school right here and those kids walk right by here every day, twice a day,” he said.

The fliers have graphic photos and descriptions of the abortion process.

Parents like Tallie Miller have seen the anti-abortion protesters passing out the pamphlets to children in front of Cordova High School.

“They are strangers, approaching kids who are not 18,” she said.

We reached out to the Folsom Cordova School District to get answers about the group and it is allowed. They sent us this statement:

“The individuals who were passing out opinionated messages relating to the pro-choice/pro-life debate to our students were doing so without the approval of the school or the district. To my knowledge, the individuals were limited to the public sidewalk in front of the school, which we cannot control. At no time were they given permission to message on the campus.”

“Whoever put that out here had no real concern about anybody’s feelings,” Blount said. “They were putting forward their belief in a way that did more damage than good.”

Neighbors say the fliers are also causing a big litter problem.

“The kids are ripping up the publications and throwing them all over the street, so you can’t control who’s seeing them, who’s not seeing them,” Miller said.

And parents say the sensitive subject isn’t something children should learn from a stranger on the sidewalk.

“It should be a personal talk that we have with our own kids, not a stranger handing you something that uses fear in order to get you to believe what they want you to believe,” Miller said.

CBS13 reached out to the group listed on the fliers, but they did not respond.

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