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Happy Friday!  We made it!  Despite barely getting any sleep this week and suffering from pregnancy brain (I’ve posted the video of my on-air photobomb from the other day) and leg pain, I have had a fantastic week!  I had my 7 month check up with my doctor on Monday.  Everything is going well with baby girl.  My gestational diabetes test results were also good, no issues.

I have been in a wonderful mood all week!  No hormonal outbreaks.  Just plenty of smiles. :)  I think it’s because we’re getting really close to meeting our bundle of joy.  It also doesn’t hurt working with such professional, talented, fun people!  Take a look at what I caught Ron doing during a commercial break on CBS13 News this Morning…

Ha!  And check out who is kicking butt in CBS13’s March Madness Bracket Challenge!  I’m in 10th place right now, out of 527 players!

march madness

Best part is, I have never watched a single March Madness game! :)  I sure am feeling lucky!  Maybe I should buy a lotterty ticket… :)

Have a great weekend friends!



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